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Youth & Women Empowerment

Under my leadership, I will finance poor micro entrepreneurs especially women and youth to establish their own businesses through provision of micro credit and training in business skills.


Kitutu Chache South’s economy has shown little growth for the past 10 years. This has been reflected in the standards of living of the rural poor especially women and youth whose incomes on the contrary have continued to decline. I propose projects that will attempt to evaluate the possible contribution of micro credit as an economic development tool for more than 50,000 rural women and youth to current strategies for rural development in Kitutu Chache South.


I will extend micro credit to the poor women and youth by mobilising solidarity groups; train them on business and credit management; Give credit to individual members in groups; Encourage savings to improve incomes and standards of living.

Long-Term Impact

the project is targeting establishment of 1000 solidarity groups each with a composition of 50 members in total it is estimated to cover 50,000 persons.